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About Us

About Us

We at Handsfinder want to bridge the relationship between freelancers and job providers online, by introducing an element of fairness and quality. Job providers can have the peace of mind, knowing their task is in good hands with competent and trustworthy professionals.
Using means:

- Enjoying easy and safe cooperation with top freelancers worldwide
- Providing fast and safe handling of outsourcing tasks - be it design jobs, writing texts,
programming, sewing or housekeeping
- Fairness and safety for both partners: service provider and service commissioner
- Quality work for affordable prices
- Pay once task is completed

Our concept is shared by many freelancers worldwide. Right after our launch in November 2016 more than 100 freelancers per week has registered on and are now waiting for you to join this journey.

Register now and experience, the diversity and expertise offers by booking a professional freelancer.

Handsfinder’s advantage for freelancers and service providers are:

No financial risk

- Registration and project management are completely free of costs
- Handling the payment through ensures the safety of your money and the
trust that the payment will be released to you once job is completed.

No waste of time

Finding the skills and talent you need can be time consuming and costly. When using the handsfinder platform, you get access to freelancers worldwide at the click of a button. Our filter system allows to find the service fitting your search criteria

Fairness and quality for freelancer and job provider

Bidding contests causes an unfair comparison of services that can’t be compared between freelancers in different geographical locations. Freelancers set their own rates and the job provider can hire who they think is suitable and matching their cost aim for their task